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Electric Installation Group provide first class electrical installation and maintenance services.
Established in 1997 in Czech Republic, with qualified staff able to offer a complete service to meet your technical requirements.
We mainly operate in Czech Republic, but we also undertake projects worldwide.

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Electrical Installation

We provide wiring in industrial and production halls, assembly of complete technological units such as 3D lasers, conveyor systems, street LED lighting, electric floor heating and many more

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Digital Services

We have been building IPTV, KTV and satellite networks since 2001. As well as installation of security systems and camera systems.

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Revision of electrical installations

Our company also offer Revision of electric devices, installations, revision of electrical hand-operated tools, portable and non-portable appliances.

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LED screens, scoreboards

VISIO electronic is part of our group, engaged in the production and sale of LED screens for wide use.


Tel.: +420 704 703 131 

Email: info@eigcz.com

Electric Installations Group

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